[Affiliated with Città Alveare.]


Retained Ability: toned down regenerative factor

Weapon: a white Mauser C96 pistol connected to his belt by a long chain attached to the base of the grip and a black Luger P08 pistol

Rank: Citizen.

Job: Assassin [sector 004]

Bite Hard.
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Anonymous whispered: A question for the mun! A hypothetical one. If Haine were to ever get together with Naoto canonly in the manga, would that change your portrayal of him? If yes, how so? Love this blog ♥

[[I would have to answer no. I do my best to portray Haine as canonly as possible, though as with anyone writing as an existing character, he was born from Shirow Miwa, but this Haine is ‘my’ character. Had he feelings for Naoto before I picked him up as mine those feelings would have been portrayed, so if he hypothetically got with Naoto in the manga now I would not change him.

Thank you for the question, I’m glad you enjoy my blog!]]

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sleapyhead whispered: Regarding the thing about Cereberus kids not needing to eat, on page 8 of chapter 65, when the Mayor still has Giovanni captive and is bringing him food, he says: "Time for a meal! You're probably hungry, aren't you? Oh well... Truth be told, you'll be just fine even if you don't eat anything. But one must value basic human behavior." Not sure if I'm taking that in the right context, but I've always assumed that meant he, along with Haine and the other kids, didn't require food.

[[Thank you for clearing that up!]]

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Anonymous whispered: I'm curious, do you eat just for fun or something? According to that nice mister Mayor, you and all the other kids with the Cerberus collars don't need to eat :P

"What…? I don’t know anything about that. I get a craving and eat to satisfy it. Simple as that."

[[I don’t recall where this information was, but Haine and the other children are in a cafiteria eating food here - here I doubt that Haine would starve to death, considering the fact that the Cerberus keeps him alive. Though he’s ‘immortal’ and was created in a tube he’s still very much alive and every living things gets hungry. ]]

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{❖}-Was that all? Just a yes and pass him as if he wasn’t interested, the wolf eyed this male wondering many things,

“Yes? Is that it? Are you bored or something because I can entertain you if that’s what you need.”.

A hand was lifted and waved dismissively at this new presence. Haine had absolutely no desire to converse, greet, or interact in anyway with anyone new. The small circle of people he knew was enough. Though he snorted at the offer of entertainment, like he needed that from someone else. Not to mention it was a rather suspicious thing to offer a stranger entertainment. Where Haine was from, that was something prostitutes asked. He’d never been asked such a thing from a male prostitute before. While it was a nice change he still had absolutely no interest. “I suggest you try somewhere else.”

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how grand, thesecondnaoto started following you.


She broke eye contact with Haine and stared at the ground below her feet, biting her bottom lip. “I…”

The back of her neck heats up. “Is everything okay at the church? After… - Is Nill okay?” Naoto frowned, remembering the incident that occurred not that long ago. It was a constant thought on her mind. Too many questions.

At the mention, Haine’s lips pushed together while watching as a pathetic expression overcame the female and her gaze broke. His hand lifted, absently touching at the wound she’d given him, the sensation of a slow healing wound was new… He constantly found himself poking at the small scar she’d left.

"Why don’t you ask her yourself?" The reply wasn’t meant to be rude. He was genuinely curious as to why she just didn’t go see Nill herself. The small girl was strong enough to not let something like that bother her, it wasn’t like anyone was missing here- it had somehow turned out alright.

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