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Bite Hard.

Unit 66 ‘Haine Rammsteiner


mid 20’s







Sexual Orientation:

Asexual, having a lack of interest in sexual activities.


Quiet places to be alone, personal space, the smell of cigarettes, the sound of gunfire, questionable Chinese food, very very few people, chewing gum, animals, flowers, nature, sunglasses, leather, big spiky boots, tightly fitting clothing, soft instrumental music, jerky..


Women, people who invade his personal space, people who cant seem to take a hint at being ignored, loud annoying obnoxious people, a lot of people, most people, experimentation, scientists, BB Guns, chewing gun, the sun, fish, nagging whining people, clingy people…


Haine is actually extremely curious about all kinds of things, since he was brought up in the Deep Underground he doesn’t really have a whole lot of outside world experience. Because of that he might come off as a bit naïve and/or stupid concerning certain topics.


Haine has an extremely high tolerance for pain. Since his ‘birth’ his body has been put through nothing but pain. The very moment he opened his eyes, in fact, his torso had been sliced by one of the earlier Dog experiments. Therefore pain is nothing to him, he doesn’t so much as cringe if three blades thrust all the way threw his body.


Haine does not get embarrassed, if he is even capable of being embarrassed then he has not yet experienced a situation which would cause him to feel that way.


He doesn’t give a single fuck about what you think of him. You think he’s gay? Fine. You think he’s stupid? Fine. He is perfectly and completely comfortable with the person he is, and sees no reason to have to prove himself to other people.


Haine is gynophobic. He does not get along with any other female besides Nill. As such, he does his best to avoid women. If he has to be around a woman, be prefers to be a good distance away from them. Close contact with him, and especially touching him, will cause him to have a mental breakdown. He will either react violently and lash out, or withdraw.

Sex, flirting, etc:

Haine has no interest in sex, he’s never actually been turned on to even realize an interest in sex. He views sex as two things, a way of reproduction, and if its not to reproduce, then it’s a fight between one person that dominates and another that submits. He doesn’t know how to flirt, and is completely oblivious to anything dealing with affection.

Body Temperature:

His body temperature is usually always the same, and the cold doesn’t effect him, because of the Spine. His body can get hotter but the temperature doesn’t drop… so he can be like, a human heater.


He usually has on a jacket, gloves, and boots that make him seem an inch taller.


Haine needs to wear a pair of prescription glasses in order to read. Being albino, his eyesight isn’t all that great and may slowly get even worse as time goes on.


Haine likes animals, he doesn’t usually see them so he’s pretty curious about him. Though, most animals don’t come near him or run from him when he tries to approach.