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Bite Hard.

[Haine’s Past, written by me.]

Unit 66, Haine Rammsteiner, was created in an underground lab along with dozens of other children for the purpose of the Cerberus experiments, conducted by a woman named Angelika Einsturzen. Along with the other children, he woke up in a large empty room (physically appearing to be around the age of 8-10) with no memory of anything before. Each child had a collar fused to the back of their neck, which was referred to as a ‘Spine’. The moment they woke, the experiments began. They were pitted against the older models of men that were kidnapped from the streets and had the spine infused to their necks. The spine cause their bodies to deform, becoming large and less human-like. The children battled against these ‘monsters’ and very soon learned that they were special. Their speed, their strength, and all of their senses were advanced, when injured their cells regenerated, and when pushed too far, their sanity became lost and they turned into blood thirsty killers. One child in particular seemed to always go berserk when they were forced to battle the older experiments. She was called Lily. Haine had developed a bond with Lily, as well as one of the weaker units, Giovanni. He was also looked at by the other children as being the ‘alpha’. He had the most control, the most kills and had never gone berserk, and what was more impressive, he was the only one able to calm Lily down in her berserk blood thirsty rage. In time they began to long for a world outside the underground, naturally curious about the life on the surface, a better life than fighting every day, ‘dying’ every day, and being watched constantly. Amongst themselves they began to talk about a way of escaping the lab.

Angelika’s favorite test subject was Haine. She took a liking to him on the very first day, and that like grew to a twisted love when she witnessed his ability, his control, and the way he was strong enough to hold down a berserk test subject without going berserk himself. While the children were taking a break from their tests to eat, she came in and asked Haine to meet her after he was done. Haine, of course, obeyed her orders and met with her in her own private lab. There she told him about the ‘Master’ a certain spine that was more powerful than the ones the children had. The ‘Master’ was made to control all others, to be the command of the human weapons, and she wanted to test him to see if he was capable of using it. All Haine knew that he needed to be strong so that he could protect the others, so he could protect Lily, so he agreed to undergo the test. The next morning Haine was locked down in the lab room, where Angelika thrust the Master spine into the back of his neck. Haine’s mind when black, and then he met a darker personality, the ‘Master’ inside the spine. While he was being tested for compatibility with this personality, all other children were herded into the large empty room they first woke in. A large screen in the room showed Haine, locked up in a lab room, and then Angelika spoke. Haine had passed the test, and all of the other children were no longer needed. Only one had the chance of staying alive, as long as that one child killed all of the rest. This is where Haine’s dear ‘sister’ Lily snapped for the last time. She went berserk, and tore all of the other children to pieces. Haine suddenly became aware what was happening outside his mind, his friends, his ‘siblings’ were all dying, and Lily was scared, scared turned berserk. The darker personality took to Haine, saw his desire to save Lily, and ‘gave him the power’ to do so. Everything when black for Haine. No longer in control of himself, ‘Haine’ broke from the locks in the lab and escaped, breaking into the room where blood stained the dirt floor, and Lily stood laughing like a maniac. When the darkness in Haine’s mind finally faded, Lily was there, on the floor in front of him, her body torn in half, and his hands digging into her intestines. Blood blanketed his forearms, the taste of it in his mouth, the stain of it from his lips all the way down his chest. Horrified with himself he let out a cry of agony. The only survivor out of every child in the blood bath was Giovanni, who had been lucky enough to only have his eyes gouged out when Lily had gone berserk.


After seeing his siblings killed, and losing control killing Lily, Haine went after Angelika. Losing himself again, he tore the woman into pieces with his bare hands. After that he apparently left for the outside.