[Affiliated with Città Alveare.]


Retained Ability: toned down regenerative factor

Weapon: a white Mauser C96 pistol connected to his belt by a long chain attached to the base of the grip and a black Luger P08 pistol

Rank: Citizen.

Job: Assassin [sector 004]

Bite Hard.
❝ CA open-


Sherlock frowned slightly as the young man sneered threateningly back.  Clearly, someone was lacking in their manners, though Holmes was one to talk, for he, too, occasionally lacked acceptable behavior… but that’s why he had Watson; to nag the detective.  Of course, that was only a joke, but Sherlock wasn’t one to easily admit how helpful the Doctor was to him.

“Respecting my elders hasn’t ever got me anywhere.”

“Oh, I’m sure the rule exists for a reason, but I doubt it’s there to actually help you.”

He paused.

“Nevermind, then.”  The murderous glare that the albino gave him seemed to nearly burn with rage.  The detective could hardly fathom what trauma the stranger must have gone through before, but the effects seemed bad enough.  Poor boy.  It really was a pity Watson wasn’t there to treat him.  The thought of the doctor dealing with someone so quick to anger made the detective nearly chuckle, and he tried his best to restrain laughter.  

“Hn, you’re new here aren’t you.”

Did he really stick out that much?  Evidently so.  Holmes decided from then on that perhaps it was time to try out another one of his… urban camouflages.  Perhaps it was good that the doctor wasn’t there, for he would never allow the detective to leave their apartment with one of his more recent disguises.

Of course, he was lacking the appropriate materials, not to mention any money ( he wasn’t even fully familiar with the currency used in the city — well, he’d noticed the money exchanged while walking about, but he hadn’t actually earned any of his own yet ), but he was always quick with finding resources when necessary.  ”Yes, I suppose I am.”  Sherlock replied.  ”I am a detective.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me, my name is —”

But the young man swung around and began walking away, to a different district.  The detective’s brow furrowed a little, a little frustrated at being cut off so rudely.  

Rather, instead of letting the white - haired fellow leave in peace, Holmes walked after him, matching the young man’s pace.  

“My name is Sherlock Holmes.”

While he had been standing in the presence of the stranger, he had only been half listening to anything else that was coming from his mouth. As far as Haine was concerned, this little… bump in, with the new stranger was already over. Finding no interest in this man, Haine began to walk toward his new destination, not expecting to be followed. Rudeness usually got people on his tail though, sometimes seeming to make people want to bug him even more.. which was never a good idea. Scarlet hues glanced to the side as the other man caught up to him, narrowing slightly as a snort came from him with the introduction.

Now a detective was tagging along with him. Did he even look like he wanted company? “Sherlock Holmes?” Though the company was unwanted Haine had heard the introduction, and parts he had been trying to ignore. “Why the hell would I have heard of you?” the albino asked in a bored tone. Just because he knew someone like Badou didn’t mean he should know others that others that stuck their noses into other peoples business.. that’s all a detective was wasn’t it? Though he had never met a ‘proper’ detective himself, so he really couldn’t say.

This Sherlock Holmes had introduce himself, and while he seemed more mannered than others that Haine usually met.. it didn’t mean he would be treated any differently. There came no introduction of his own, the gunman didn’t see the point in giving his name to someone he didn’t expect to see again. Instead he walked on, only shooting a cold glance to the man when he stated, “Stop following me.”

January 21, 2012
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